Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creative Cutter Room Talk Time Tuesday - Birthday Planning Tips

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Birthdays; they come around once a year and are a big deal to many. Growing up birthdays were not a big deal in my family and I think that’s why I go a little over the top when birthdays roll around for my kids!

As fun as birthdays are they can be expensive and a LOT of work. This is where my Cricut comes in. There are a number of party cartridges out there that take all the guess work out of planning the party.
Robot Party
Space Party
Girl's Makeup Party
Princess Party
Elmo's Party

These carts are great providing invitations, thank you notes, favor bags, hats, decorations and so much more. But don’t think you need a party cart to have a great party. Last year my daughter had a gymnastics party so I put my thinking/creativity hat on and decided the theme would be Tumble Bugs and I would use my Create A Critter cart to make all the decorations and invitations.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning a party.
  • What are the birthday boy/girls favorite things? Your theme should start from here.
  • Food. Keep it simple. Pizza is always a good bet but depending on your guests ages and the season so are burgers, chicken nuggets or tacos. Also don’t think you have to provide a meal. Snacks are perfectly acceptable; that’s what I served at my daughter’s party.
  • Start early. If you can take your time you’re less likely to get burnt out and more likely to enjoy the process.
  • Take shortcuts. Whether it’s using an event cartridge or going to the party store don’t think you have to make everything from scratch with all new, original ideas.
  • Recruit help. The more people helping you out the less stress you’ll feel. Remember birthdays are supposed to be fun!
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Pin the tail on the donkey has worked for YEARS so why not use it at your party. Sure you can change the donkey to Minnie and the tail to a bow but don’t feel like you need to come up with new games to play.
  • Pinterest can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s a great site for getting ideas but you can easily start feeling like your party isn’t good enough. Always remember the party is all about the birthday boy/girl. Their likes, dislikes and interests should be what guide your every decision.
I hope you find these tips helpful! And now IT’S YOUR TURN.
What are your birthday party planning tips? Do you have a favorite birthday memory as a child? Or maybe you’ve planned a party that you really enjoyed. I’d love to her about it!



Hi, i am actually planning my daughters birthday party, it is coming up in 2 weeks, she is turning 4 and wants a princess party theme. I have everything planned and almost done, just trying to figure out games. I think alot of people can go over board, I mean she is just little so it's not like she cares ( the only thing she cares about is the cake and presents) My mom is making the cake (a 3d barbie princess cake). do you have pictures of your daughter's party you did? I would love to see them.

DIANA L. said...

You Have me inspired Tonya--- I want to throw a party now thanks for the great tips!!!!! I might even throw one for myself.

DT member DIANA L.