Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Well the party was a success! The weather didn't cooperate as much as I would have liked but it was still a nice day to celebrate my little man with family.

The party was at 1:30 so I served lunch. We had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sandwiches. I managed to cut the meat into a Mickey shape but the cutter I bought was too large for the cheese or bread. I was a little bummed about that but, whatever. We also had chips, fruit and fruit dip (one jar marshmallow creme + one brick cream cheese = yummyness).  Instead of cake for dessert (we had that on his actual birthday) we did build-your-own fruit pizzas.
The decorations were placed on the fly because I had planned for us to be outside but ended up inside for the beginning of the party. Here's the banner I made.
The Mickey heads are cut at 5.15" from Mickey and Friends. To make the rosettes I used two pieces of 9" x 1.5" cardstock. I scored it every 1/4". The letters and their shadows are cut at 2.53" from Mickey Font. The yellow letters are mounted on pop-dots, everything else is held together with Glossy Accents. I used Glue Dots to get the heads on the ribbon.

I hung up three clusters of Mickey icons around my living room. It's not what I had planned but it worked.
Foot - Mickey and Friends - 5.82"
Pants - Micky and Friends - 8.76"
Hand - Mickey and Friends - 8.88"
Oh Boy! - Mickey and Friends - 2.3"
Profile - Mickey Font - 8.24"
Hand - Mickey and Friends - 5.72"
Hand - Mickey and Friends - 9.13"
Mickey Mouse - Mickey Font - 4.65"

And of course I had my Welcome Sign.


Donna and Sara said...

Beautiful party decorations~ Love the banner and welcome sign. Great job.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Looks like a fun party!